Reducing friction in the information superhighway

Watch our journey!

The project started back in 2018 with few friends trying to solve two primary problems,

1. Mobile Internet in Bangladesh is Expensive and Volume Based, even now seamless wireless broadband seems to be out of reach for bottom 80% population of Bangladesh.

2. Internet Illiteracy, most internet users in Bangladesh thinks some limited platforms such as Facebook or TikTok as the entire Internet. This does not allow them to see the Internet as this broader world where they can find any information they want, that it can be a tertiary layer of the mind, that it will lead them to world class education, lead them out of poverty, also that can lead them to a healthy and happier life.

We have so far been able to reduce the cost of mobile internet to 1/10th of the prices of traditional 3G/4G technology at our deployment locations by sacheting cable broadband internet. Our latest release of the android app enables any individual to securely share their broadband Wifi Connection and significantly reduce their cost of using the internet. This on the other hand allows us to increase our coverage without placing any of our own hardware.

We are looking for ISP partners to help us spread this tech all throughout Bangladesh and denser part of Asia.

We are also looking for top class problem solving brains to work on problem 1 and problem 2.

Solving problem 2 specially allows Bangladesh to harness the Demographic dividend of young population with unlimited energy and free time.