Connecting Communities

In regions with limited broadband internet access, Janata Wifi emerges as a beacon of connectivity, reaching underserved communities. Through strategically placed Wi-Fi nodes, Janata Wifi extends free internet access, transforming the lives of residents.

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Helping Local Businesses

In the heart of vibrant neighborhoods, Janata Wifi is driving the success of local businesses. Through strategically placed Wi-Fi hardware in shops and tea stalls, merchants are witnessing increased customer engagement. This innovative approach provides local entrepreneurs with growth opportunities, establishing them as integral community hubs.

Our Role in Educational Transformation

Janata Wifi contributes humbly to education, offering free Wi-Fi to empower communities. Particularly benefiting students and young professionals, it provides access to valuable educational resources, fostering knowledge and skill development. This initiative reflects a commitment to making education accessible and transformative through reliable internet connectivity

Empowering Female Student Community

Discover how Janata Wifi empowers female students with free Wi-Fi access, breaking barriers to information and education. We aspire to enhance the accessibility and affordability of broadband internet for female students like Asra.

Partnering with Community Leaders

Embark on a journey with our Student Community Representative, witnessing the transformative impact of Janata Wifi within the university community. Through their initiative, we bridge the digital gap on campus, creating a connected environment for all students.

Digitalizing Community Hubs

Step into the bustling marketplaces transformed into digitally connected hubs. By providing free Wi-Fi access, we've seamlessly linked businesses and customers, facilitating enhanced communication and interaction

Strategic Partnership with Link3

The collaboration with Link3 has enabled Janata Wifi to extend its reach and impact, providing Wi-Fi solutions to diverse areas. As a network service provider, Link3 brings expertise, infrastructure, and support to the table, strengthening Janata Wifi's efforts to make free Wi-Fi accessible to underserved communities.

Funding Support from APNIC

Fueling Janata Wifi's mission, APNIC has played a pivotal role in driving impact through strategic partnerships and funding. In 2022, Janata Wifi was honored to be a recipient of the ISIF Asia Inclusion Grant from APNIC, enabling the establishment of Community Wi-Fi zones in underserved areas of Bangladesh.

Community Reach

Through the initiation of a pilot program with an ISP partner, Janata Wifi has made a tangible impact, reaching 30 locations across 6 districts. This endeavor has positively affected numerous communities, with approximately 40 local businesses or merchants actively engaged. Currently, there are around 20 live and active services, demonstrating Janata Wifi's commitment to fostering connectivity in underserved areas.