Bringing Connectivity to Your Community

Janata Wifi provides vital connectivity to underserved areas with limited broadband access. Strategically placed Wi-Fi nodes offer free internet, positively impacting residents' lives.

Content-powered Wi-Fi

Create a content-based Wi-Fi environment by seamlessly integrating your ads or third-party sponsor ads. Showcase your products or services through strategically placed advertisements, reaching a broader audience and boosting brand visibility, or collaborate with partners to showcase targeted ads, driving engagement and creating additional revenue streams.

Effortless Installation and Device Management

Simplify hardware deployment with easy installation procedures. Enjoy continuous monitoring and remote management capabilities, receiving instant alerts for issues and efficiently deploying solutions. Monitor network performance remotely, eliminating the challenges typically faced by network service providers and ensuring an improved customer experience.

Distribution Network Management

Effectively manage distributors and resellers with our user-friendly platform. This feature provides a centralized hub to oversee and optimize your distribution network, facilitating you to enhance operational efficiency and strengthen partnerships within your ecosystem.


Have your network in control with user-friendly tools and ensure secure, compliant user experiences through fulfilled regulatory requirements.

Analytical Insights

Unlock actionable insights with our Analytics Tools and dive into comprehensive reports that reveal user behavior and Hotspot performance, allowing you to make informed decisions for ongoing optimization.

Get New Leads

Utilize our Hotspot to collect valuable user data and generate new leads for your business. Understand user behavior, preferences, and demographics to tailor your marketing strategies.


Monetize your Hotspot by partnering with businesses, advertisers, or sponsors, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that generates revenue for you.

Success Stories

Hotspots strategically deployed by our network provider partners have proven instrumental in driving customer engagement and satisfaction. By offering free Wi-Fi access in key locations, businesses hosting these Hotspots experience a surge in foot traffic. Additionally, the ripple effect extends to community development, as connectivity becomes a catalyst for economic growth and social interaction in these vibrant spaces.

In pursuit of democratizing Broadband Wi-Fi

Deploy your managed Wi-Fi service with our solution