Advance Customer Experiences with Janata Wifi CXM

At Janata Wifi, we prioritize delivering proficient customer experiences through our CXM platform. Discover how our solutions facilitate the way Network Service Providers engage with their customers and increase user satisfaction.

CXM Dashboard

Gain real-time insights into network performance, user behavior, and support ticket analytics. With our intuitive CXM dashboard, you can seamlessly monitor and control key aspects of your network, ensuring optimal performance.

Karigor AI Copilot

Our copilot will work as your AI-driven assistant in network management and providing solutions. Streamline the identification and resolution of issues, ensuring a swift and efficient service experience. Let Karigor AI be your copilot in delivering faster service to your users.

Super Wi-Fi App

Experience our Super Wi-Fi App, a dedicated data collection agent and constant touchpoint for customers. This centralized hub ensures continuous engagement, reduces customer churn, and contributes to a seamless and personalized customer service experience.


AI and ML-driven automation for easy network management. Detect and resolve issues proactively, ensuring a seamless internet experience for users. Let automation enhance the reliability of your network, minimizing downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Network Service Provider Partners

  • Enhanced visibility and control over the last mile network.
  • Improved customer support efficiency and reduced response times.
  • Proactive issue resolution through AI and ML tools.
  • Strengthened customer relationships with personalized support experiences.

Piloting Success

Janata Wifi has successfully piloted the CXM platform with Link3, engaging approximately 100 users. Our commitment to delivering value through innovative CXM solutions is evident in the positive feedback and engagement levels observed during the pilot phase.


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